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Embark on a Virtual Journey; Destination: the Unknown.

In barely a few seconds the succession of evocative sounds and images awaken in us the memory of those fabulous places, or take us away to discover the magic of a new destination.

Make way for a seduction of the senses!

Highlight: Descubre el Hierro por Miguelvideosub

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The warm hearth - Dani Torres

The interaction between Lake Malawi ” the third biggest in Africa” and its population is intertwined with their customs and daily life.A lake that on top of its valued flora and fauna and its islands, it attracts all kind of people such as children, fishermen, rastafaris… A slideshow that gives you a glimpse at one of the jewels of Africa.

Time: 4:34 min
Iraq 2003 Alert

Will the Iraq War take away those smiles?

Massive worldwide protests were complety ignored by those in power.On top of all the deaths, hundreds of thousands were affected by the uranium used in the Gulf War in 1991 overflowing in the hospitals. … and we´ve seen what the consecuences are…

  Time: 5:18 min

Virunga Nacional Park Countdown - Dani Torres

The volcanic mountains of the Virunga Nacional Park (D.R. of Congo) are the natural habitat for the mountain gorilla, endangered specie, especially since the rebels use them as bargaining chip to achieve their goals.

Time: 4:34 min
Colour Full Underwater - Dani Torres

Like the baton of an orchestra conductor, the camera dives into the deep waters score of the Red Sea to perform a great visual symphony: shoals of fish with inconceiable colours and shapes, mythological sea animals, coral carpets finely stuck to the rocky bottom, rusty armament from earthly forgotten battles, peacefully sunken…
A taste of East Africa - Dani Torres

Filmed in various parts of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, this video offers a hypnotic kaleidoscope of images that you will experience the customs, rituals and lifestyles of different peoples of this part of Africa, as well as visiting the countryside, where land and fauna that are manifested in the lives of highly disturbing beauty.

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