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Vaishali Morjaria
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
Two and two
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
Freedom of Africa
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
What lies beneath
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
Am i feeling blue or pink
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
A rise of my freedom
Galería Vaishali Morjaria Kenia
Drawn in me

“It left a mark on me; it left a mark on you…”

The delicate and intricate patterns of henna decoration and human skin are the initial point of inspiration within the collection. The process of applying henna was originally found in Africa and Arabic countries but later was inherited by the Indians and was used as an essence to decorate the brides. Indian brides are applied henna as forms of blessings. These blessings are in forms of images, initials and symbols applied on her a few days before her wedding. This was a very big part of a woman’s sensuality in olden days. Today these henna decorations are very upbeat as temporary tattoos all over the world.

A play of 2D patterns on the skin, leaving a marking a statement of culture, art and decoration. A play of colour, form and texture. A reflection of femininity, sensuality and vanity in form of volumes and patterns.

Coming from a mixed cultural background I am always enticed to how one can bring out the beauty of one culture and merge it with another. Something that’s not only perplexing but also voluminous. Something I can create not only to fit into the current, but something multifarious, something with a vibe of its own…
These paintings have been generated to reflect this freedom of cultures and design within them, a freedom that’s shows this merging of two cultures with a touch of feminine beauty and, concept of breaking away from the box( depicted via the broken framework around each piece).

These Paintings touch each individual who sees them, channeling a personal insight to what they want to see within them and how they want to look into them.

These paintings are my freedom of cultures, colours, forms and symbolism which have fed the foundation to my career today; it has been my backbone to recognition as a Designer/ Maker Internationally. Today I explore these beautiful juxtapositions to express my self through mix media and 2D expressions of what lies deep within …..

Therefore, this collection not only marks me with the engraved roots and learning of my cultural traditions but, I mark it with a new approach of combinations, explorations and exposures. In a similar manner each individual who views these paintings will get marked by what lies within them and hand in hand will be marking the paintings by making a statement or opinion within towards them.

This is why I call this exhibition … `It left a mark on me; it left a mark on you…’

Mix media; acrylics, emulsion,varnish,stainglass paints.
This Painting is called Wings of Freedom. Some say they look like wings of anger… some say they are wings of new beginning from calmness of a certain kind. The wings in this case do reflect underlying emotions and the red within them is the colour of my blood. Freedom of what is what is deep within me that's actually feeds my confidence, via the spontaneous palette strokes, my colour combinations, my trademarks and my uprising feelings into designs, designs of my cultures, designs of my roots and my personality. The deep engraved designs of henna.

Two and two
Mix Media; stain glass paints, acrylics, polythene, oils, charcoal, emulsion.
 The blue skies to eternity, a calm that takes over everyone, a place so untouchable and yet so beautiful. I was once framed by boundaries of cultures but now it is that, which becomes my sky of no limits, no boundaries, my search for freedom and so today I manage to break away form the frames to build who I am today… Free… through the rays, rays of the sun.

Freedom of Africa
Mix Media; acrylic, stain glass, oil pastels, charcoal.
Born and bred between the beautiful cultures of Kenya, the gourds of the people and the strong essence of colours combine within this painting. The Maasai necklace shines upon me like sun rays that open up my soul. Opening this urge of realizing through patterns that come from within as expressions of where no one can see or feel but are reflected through sparks of exposure to you.

Mix Media; acrylics, emulsion, charcoal.
Stained… stained for life… not of fear, or pain but beauty, beauty of love for the rich cultures I engaged myself within since my childhood. Stained of this free spirit of my cultures.

What lies beneath?
Mix Media; stain glass paints, acrylics, charcoal powder paint.
I grow form a cocooned butterfly to this open peacock of growth, freedom of expressions, spontaneity and love for what lies underneath, underneath this light coloured skin… My cultures full of vibrant explorations which I do dare to venture into.

Mix Media; chalk pastels,acrylics, stain glass paints, charcoal.
The colours of true beauty surround me, so beautiful that my heart feels the urge of touching into them. The colours that have made a statement in who I am as an artist internationally. The forms of the pots, the sun a reflection of my soul, the Maasai insights, the blood and the sceneries that symbolize the pourings of my heart.

Am I feeling blue or pink?
Mix Media; acrylic, oils, emulsion, charcoal.
Am I feeling blue or am I feeling pink? Blue due to the way people eat into me for what I am and who I am … African by heart and Indian by colour… or pink as I fly away from my cultural boundaries to what I call freedom through these cultures into my open ended career. A thriving combination of colours and emotions. Am I blue or am I pink?

A rise of my freedom
Mix Media; acrylics, emulsion, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal.
The shield of Africa protects me; it becomes my weapon to the world, a weapon I use not as protection but freedom, freedom in form of structures and colours, a form of expression and a mode of flight to new heights, a flight of lightness to another world. I as a woman grow in this protection and now seek to fly to explore these other worlds.

Drawn in me
Mix Media; chalk pastels, stain glass paints, oils, acrylics, emulsion, charcoal.
The one light of insight of my cultures stirs droplets of a spectrum of emotions and traditions, which fill my hunger to set free.. set free the imagery and feel of Africa and India that lies deep within me.


Vaishali Morjaria
Vaishali Morjaria

Education and Qualifications:

  • 2004-2005:  School of Jewellery, U.C.E. MA, PgDip, Pg  Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products. Merit.
  • 2001- 2004: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, U.C.E BA (Hons) Fashion Design. Merit.
  • 2000- 2001: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, U.C.E BTEC Foundation in Art and Design. Merit.
  • 1998-2000:  Visa Oshwal Secondary School, Kenya. A’ Levels, London Board.
    1984-1998:  Princeton Academy, Kenya. O’Levels, Cambridge Board.

Work Experience:

  • May 2006- Current: Oshwal Academy Nairobi - Senior High (Kenya)
    Job Description: Completed training and teaching Full- time A’ Level Art & Design, Class teacher, Art & Craft club teacher, Sorts House Mistress, HOD Library and Book store.
    Responsibilities: Teach A’s and A2 Art & Design syllabus requirements, registration, giving vital information to students, holding meetings, organizing teams for events, new and innovative teaching in art & crafts.
  • Sept 2005 – Feb 2006: University of Central England (BCVA).
    Job description: Mentor for foundation students.
    Responsibilities: Non- academic staff to the students, help with retention rates on the course, support and help in various areas.
  • Sept 2004- Sept 2005 - University of Central England (BCVA & School of Jewellery)
    Job description: PR for UCE, Student Representative for MA Course, Mentor for Foundation students & working at Student Union
    Responsibilities: Organizing sponsorship, attending important meetings, consulting and organizing events, assistance with inquiries, student activities, a bridge between staff and students, Handling sales and the cash register.
  • June 2002- Sept 2002: Virgin Homes (Birmingham).
    Job Description: Sales & Marketing Representative
    Responsibilities: Virgin Gas and Electricity contracts.
  • June 1998-June 2000: Private Business (Kenya).
    Job Description: Make-Up Artist and Painter.
    Responsibilities: Make-Up Artist for plays and weddings etc. Painted in Private shops for special occasions, religious paintings, batik and tie and dye orders.

Fashion Related Work Experience:

  • August 2003: Adams Childrenswear Limited, Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
    Job Description: work placement (BA Fashion design).
    Responsibilities: Assistant to head designers (Boys & Girls wear), research on trends and predictions, compile mood boards, designing, research/ordering and compiling of available fabrics etc.
  • May 2003: Health and Safety show 2003, NEC, Birmingham.
    Responsibilities: Dresser.
  • February 2003: Beta International 2003, NEC, Birmingham.
    Responsibilities: Dresser.
  • December 2002: Clothes Show 2002, NEC, Birmingham.
    Responsibilities: Retail assistant for Wilson and Calver.
  • February 2002: London Fashion Week, London.
    Responsibilities: Dresser.


Languages: Fluent in speech and writing of English and Kiswahili (Kenyan). Fluent in speaking Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, and basicFrench.

Technical: Knowledgeable use in computers, e.g. Microsoft Word, excels, some Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Knowledgeable and proficient in Fashion Design, Jewellery Designing/making.

Etching and other processes. Fashion illustration, Painting (any medium), Photography, Printing, Model making.

Commercial: Have worked in different work sectors and have done community work for the homeless and Aids (HIV) children. Helped at the Tsunami Appeal fashion show (2005, Soho, London).

Interests: I take pleasure in the entire spectrum of Arts and Theatre, Business and counseling.

Jewellery (Commercial and Contemporary) Fashion drawing, Styling, Fashion Photography, Printing etc. I love traveling to new places, meeting new people, learning new languages, cultures, costumes and dances that contribute as inspirational point in my projects. Enjoy working with people from various specialization, social backgrounds and ethnicity. 



  • October 2007 – Catwalk Kenya, Featured on Art Scene (KTN) and local newspapers (Nation, Metro, Nairobi Star)
  • Sept 2007- Featured in Nairobi star Newspaper, Kenya
  • Dec 2006- Platina Gallery Sweden- Winner of Platina competition- Honoured with certificate + 500Euros.
  • Sept 2006- Noble House Publishers, U.K- Honoured with Lapel Pin & Certificate of Authenticity.
  • July 2006-, USA– Honoured International poet
  • July 2005-, USA– Honoured International poet
  • September 2004: £1000 Scholarship towards MA Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products; School of Jewellery, UCE.
  • September 2001: £1000 Scholarship towards first year Fashion Design; U.C.E.
  • September 2000: £1000 Scholarship towards BTEC Foundation; U.C.E.
  • September 2000: Student of the Year; Visa Oshwal Secondary School (Kenya).


Exhibitions / Shows:

  • October 2007 – Catwalk Kenya; second finalist, Nairobi & Mombassa boot camp. Kenya
  • Sept 2007 – WAPI; Part of the on spot Street Fashion Designer, The British council, Kenya
  • August 2007 – “It left a mark on me; it left a mark on you” Solo Exhibition, Italian Institute of Culture, Kenya.
  • Aug 2007- Featured on Insync TV programme, NTV, Kenya
  • December 2006- Commissioned piece for West Midlands Travel competition; U.K.
  • Dec 2006- Platina Gallery Sweden- My pieces on diplay for the month of December 2006.
  • Nov 2006- Dec 2006- Brilliantly Birmingham Festival chosen Main Designer for 2006, U.K
  • Nov 2006- Britsih Asain Week, Birmingham, U.K.
  • October 2006- Style Birmingham Fashion Show- pieces showcased on the catcwalk., Birmingham,U.K.
  • Sept 2006- March 2007- Bombay to Birmingham( Museum of Jewellery, Birmingham, U.K)
  • January 2006 - Chroma (Touring Exhibition, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal & Birmingham).
  • Sept 2005: Noesis (MA Final Show, School of Jewellery, UCE).

Reference:   Given upon request   


Vaishali Morjaria

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