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  Link  Turismo de Aragón
Información turística de Aragón.
  Link   Turismo de Navarra
Portal de turismo del Reino de Navarra.
  Link  Turismo de Pamplona
Portal turístico del Ayuntamiento de Pamplona.
  Link   Turismo de Astorga
Información turística de Astorga.
  Link   Castellers
Castellers de Barcelona
Especialistas en historia del cartel publicitario. Amplio catálogo de carteles de época. Especialistas en exposiciones, eventos, museos, cesión de carteles y edición de obra gráfica.

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  • VIDEOnew Let yourself be seduced by your own senses! The travel videos of TravellersBook will allow you to disvover the magic of a new destiny
 Acceso a los Artículos y reportajes con fotos de
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Journey as escape


“One may go and stay; to stay, is to leave oneself.” Lope de Vega

Journey as escape. Escape as necessity. 

Escaping through new horizons.

Bringing yourself to unknown spaces.

Allowing countries and cultures to travel through you, rivers and currents springing up inside you… Forget being a tourist; be a traveller,
come with us!

We have covered vast distances and part of us remains in each place visited. We remain with them and them with us. And in remembering we return to the overflowing of our senses, and to reliving those sensations again, yet heightened.

And then we move on. Infinite are the landscapes and cultures that create such surprise and amazement. How much space and time remains to be travelled? - to see and understand its personal and cultural symbols.

And how do we travel? With all the senses of colour, smells, light… The possibilities are endless… Its ln this way that our own spirit feels free; and to be free in this way allows us to watch and to live those new places in another way. These places are not all the same, nor do we live all of them in the same way. TravellersBook is a friend that brings other ways to live life. We created it to take you and accompany you while you’re flying freely. Our ink has begun to run………….


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